Press & Drive Systems

Air Toggle Presses

BTM toggle presses are an economical and simple solution where high forces have to be generated pneumatically. They offer an efficient alternative to pneumohydraulic drives. They consist of a piston that is moved pneumatically around a fixed pivot point and then actuates a ram via an articulated rod.

This very narrow and therefore compact design offers a high transmission ratio with a fast pre-stroke and generates very high pressing forces in the last few millimetres with only low air consumption. This makes the drive units ideal for all types of sheet metal processing. They are the ideal drive for punching and clinching applications, as well as flanging or folding operations.

BTM toggle units can be used in all working orientations. Both, complete press units or only press components can be offered. Typical designs available are floor-standing and bench-mounted units.

Customized tool holders or special sizes with long strokes and/or double ram round off the product range. We will be happy to advise you on the right choice of drive.

Floor & Bench Presses

Floor-standing and table-top appliances are primarily used for small batches or changing applications. They can be manufactured with different drives according to customer requirements. Hydraulic, pneumatic or pneumohydraulic are the most common systems. The modular design allows any desired variant.