ULG Bench Presses

The pneumatic ULG Bench Presses combine high joining forces and fast cycle speed with a balanced, weight-optimized and ergonomic design. They can be used as mobile clinching units, but also as stationary bench presses.

The integrated air-oil booster runs quietly and is completely vibration-free. It is driven purely pneumatically with an air supply of up to 7 bar. The joining stroke is triggered via a hand lever, but can optionally also be triggered via foot pedal. BTM ULG clinching units offer a high level of operational reliability.

Due to their modular design, ULG clinching units offer a wide range of tool holders, such as various C-clamps, scissor heads or special holders, for example. These clinching pliers can therefore not only be used as bench presses, but can also be used as mobile hand clinching tongs. Thus, the tool holders can be changed in just a few steps while the drive unit remains the same.


  • Clinch operation: tmax = 3 mm steel and aluminum
  • Pierce operation: tmax = 4,5 mm at Ø 6 mm and mild steel
  • Weight of › 4,0 kg inclusiv C-frame
  • max. 34 kN press force
  • low air consumption (0,75 l/cycle)
  • very silent (< 75 db(A))
  • vibration-free
  • wide range of tooling heads
  • rapid cycle time (≤ 1s)
  • air supply 7 bar max.