Clinching connects metal sheets and profiles of different materials, thickness, ductility and sizes. This reliable and economical process produces stable connections that can withstand high static forces and dynamic stresses. Insensitive to variations in sheet thickness and surface coatings, along with the possibility of connecting dry or oiled sheetmetal and this at low costs, these are the special features of BTM clinching systems.

Compared to other joining methods such as spot welding, riveting, screwing or adhesives, it also represents an attractive, cost-effective solution.

Determining the most suitable clinching joint geometry (round or square) for a specific application depends not only on the material, but also on what the joint is supposed to achieve. Does it need to have a high degree of torsional resistance? Or must electrical conductivity also be ensured for painted surfaces? BTM supplies the right solution for every case.

We work closely with you to determine which clinching system best suits your needs. BTM Europe can realize a wide range of systems for the most diverse applications. Find out more here, in our user forum, or contact us for a direct and personal consultation!

Clinching with a round joint (Tog-L-Loc®)

The round Tog-L-Loc® clinch joint is the best-known clinching system on the market. The round joints are produced by cold forming the layers. They connect sheet metals and/or profiles of different material types and thicknesses. Initially with two movable blades, then later as the first manufacturer worldwide with a 3-bladed die design, BTM was the pioneer of modern clinching technology

The Tog-L-Loc® round joint from BTM is characterised by its non-cutting joining process. The joining layers are locked together in a circular manner, i.e. over 360°. The round clinch joint is equally leak proof in all planes in all directions and both metal sheet layers – punch and die sides – remain leak proof.

In a second step, Tog-L-Loc® clinch joints can also be pressed flat to create a two flat metal sheet/partner surface.

  • non-cutting
  • gas-leak proof
  • leak proof
  • high stability
  • excellent electrical conductivity

Clinching with Round Joint in fixed Die (Fixed-Loc®)

Another round clinching point is the Fixed-Loc® . This clinching point, which is produced in a fixed die, is characterized by its slim design. A relatively large clinching point can be set with a Fixed-Loc® clinching tool, especially in confined spaces. Stainless steels, as well as combinations of different material types and thicknesses, can also be clinched together with the Fixed-Loc®.

Like the Tog-L-Loc® clinch point, the Fixed-Loc® clinch point from BTM is characterized by its non-cutting joining process. The joining partners are locked together in a circular, i.e. over 360°, force-locked and form-fitted manner. The Fixed-Loc round point is equally firm in the plane in all directions and both sheet metal planes – punch and die side – remain tight in the point.


  • non cutting
  • gas- and leakproof
  • for tight channels and narrow flanges
  • good electrical conductivity
  • for Connection of brittle-hard materials


Materials with low ductility, i.e. materials that are difficult to form, as well as materials with very different thicknesses, can be joined using the Cavity-Loc® clinching tool. This includes spring steels, as well as brittle aluminium and copper alloys.

The Cavity-Loc® joint is also the solution par excellence when a flat surface or only a low button height is required.

The pre-punched die-side layer is taken up by a centring punch, filled with the deformable punch-side material and caulked therein.

  • for joining ductile with brittle materials
  • for surfaces that are as even as possible
  • for join partners with widely differing thicknesses
  • for joining spring steels
  • gas-leak proof
  • leak proof
  • good electrical conductivity


High torsional resistance, cutting and non-cutting connections and excellent electrical conductivity are the hallmarks of BTM GEO-Clinch® systems. These systems, designed for geometry joints, are particularly suitable for use in GEO stations in the automotive industry.

Clinching with a RECTANGULAR JOINT (Lance-N-Loc®)

The BTM Lance-N-Loc® rectangular joint can, in addition to connecting two layers, also be used to connect several layers of sheet metal. The layers of material are partly cut locally and then interlocked with each other. The rectangular point is also suitable for use with non-metallic partners such as glass fibre fabrics and plastics, while stainless steel sheets/layers such as austenitic stainless steels can also be securely connected with the Lance-N-Loc®.

Because the metal is sheared, a secure electrical connection is established in coated metal sheets. Especially in white goods, the Lance-N-Loc® is therefore also referred to as the “grounding joint”. In addition, the rectangular joint offers a high degree of anti-rotate protection, even where only one clinch joint can be set due to space restrictions.

  • cutting, semi-cutting
  • suitable for multiple layers
  • is suitable for combinations with non-metallic partners
  • good for thin-into-thick combinations
  • suitable for stainless steel
  • excellent electrical conductivity (“grounding joint”)
  • non-twisting
  • GEO-Clinch® system

Clinching with an Oval joint (Oval-Loc®)

The Oval-Loc® oval joint offers a highly torsion-resistant connection without any cutting section, which can be used as an alternative to the rectangular or multiple joint.

As part of the GEO-Clinch® family, the Oval-Loc® is particularly suitable for the automotive industry, where several components are pre-fixed in GEO stations. With just one BTM Oval-Loc®Clinch, two components can be joined tightly, corrosion-proof, at the same time as possessing a high torsional resistance

It is characterised by its compact, space-saving design and offers an excellent alternative to the usual twin and multi-joint solutions.

  • alternative to several round joints
  • non-cutting
  • gas-leak proof
  • high torsional moment – good torsional safety
  • very good electrical conductivity
  • space saving (compared to multiple point)
  • GEO-Clinch® system

Clinching with a Multiple joint (Multi-Loc®)

The BTM Multi-Loc® clinching system combines several Tog-L-Loc® round joints in one tool. This enables connections with very high torsional resistance and without a cut section.

The BTM Multi-Loc® clinch represents a customized shape and is the precursor of the Oval-Loc® oval joint.

As an alternative to the oval joint, the multiple joint can be used to create a torsional resistance over a larger area.

  • non-cutting
  • gas-leak proof
  • anti-rotate protection
  • very good electrical conductivity
  • GEO-Clinch® system