From simple tools to advanced automation, BTM supplies variable solutions for your production requirements in mechanical joining technology. Founded in 1966 near Motor City Detroit in the USA, today BTM is one of the world’s leading experts in mechanical joining technology, especially clinching.

As a customer of BTM Europe, you benefit from its global network of locations. From research and development, professional engineering and production to commissioning and maintenance of complex systems, BTM covers the entire value chain.

As a result, BTM is able to offer you diverse, variable and cost-effective products tailored to your individual requirements.

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BTM Corporation was founded in 1966 by Edwin Sawdon and Milus Allison in Marysville, a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. The “Bending Tools & Manufacturing Corporation” mainly supplied the automotive industry in Motor City as well as the regional toolmaking industry. BTM quickly acquired a good reputation for its high-quality manufacturing and quick problem solving.

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The patented clinching system

The toggle press served as the basis. Edwin Sawdon recognized more potential in his toggle presses with the mechanical joining of metal sheets and profiles.

Toggle and Locate – In short: Tog-L-Loc. With the Tog-L-Loc® system, he developed a clinching system that could create stable connections with a single press stroke. With this process-reliable, clean, quiet and low-maintenance alternative to spot welding, riveting and screwing, he laid the foundation for BTM’s current expertise in mechanical joining technology.

To this day, BTM continues to develop its clinching systems in line with customer requirements and offers a variety of solutions for all requirements in terms of strength, sealing, current transmission and materials. Whether 2-, 3- or 6-part designs: With its round joint tightness, rectangular joint, oval joint and multi-joint systems, BTM offers effective joining options for a wide range of applications.

You can find out all about BTM’s clinching systems here.


The BTM toggle press

In automobile production, there was a growing demand for machines that could reduce work steps and optimise production. BTM responded to these requirements with the air-operated toggle press, a very slim pneumatic press for punching, embossing and bending, which enabled various work steps and thus production costs to be greatly reduced.

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With the constant innovative expansion of its product groups, BTM Corporation quickly expanded to become a complete supplier of industrial production and tools. To this end, it established modern locations in the USA and far beyond. In 1986, BTM Europe GmbH was founded as a permanent European representative office.

Since 1998, Hans-Werner Fisch and Christian Bohnert have been successfully continuing the business under the name of BTM (Europe) Blechverbindungstechnik GmbH. This makes BTM Europe a reliable partner for more than 30 years now, offering well-founded expert knowledge, economical solutions and the highest quality – tailored to the needs of our customers.

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