Customized floor standing units

Customized floor standing units

In addition to the single-point presses from our standard programme with different drive systems, BTM offers specially designed presses to meet customer-specific requirements. The modular design concept, which has been consistently applied for decades, offers the ideal basis for versatile solutions. This means that table or floor-standing presses designed individually for the customer can be built from standard systems with minor modifications.

Special component contours pose particular challenges for the design. For example, in order to clinch curved fittings of cable or air ducts, the substructure must be adapted to the component contour.

It is possible to set several clinching points in one operation or to realise clinching with simultaneous punching.

Machines with a short stroke of max. 6 mm offer the possibility of dispensing with complex safety technology and thus making the machines very attractive in terms of price. In addition, these machines impress with their extremely short cycle times.

When designing our clinching machines, we always keep an eye on compliance with the current safety regulations.