Single Joint Press SHCU 8-600

Single Joint Press SHCU 8-600

The BTM clinching press of the SHCU 8-600 series is a purely hydraulic press that can be used for clinching but also for punching and pressing in bolts and nuts, the so-called functional elements. The hydraulic cylinder is designed for 80kN pressing force, which results in a wide range of applications for this machine. Its anti-rotate dasigned ram allows the Usage of non symatrical or not round clinch tooling without additional guiding.

To trigger the entire clinching stroke (back and forth), the operator operates max. two foot pedals. Both hands remain free and can be used to position the components during the entire process. It is also possible to “approach” the component using the jog mode.

The unit is available in two standard stroke lengths (100 mm and 150 mm). In addition, there are C-brackets in the basic version with 180 mm and 600 mm window depth. Other dimensions are also possible on request.

The automatic return stroke is freely adjustable. This makes it possible to return only a short distance in a time-optimised manner and automatically activate the next cycle. This results in considerable savings in cycle time. In addition, we also offer individual solutions for this type. You can find these under Individual floor-standing units.