Single Joint Press SCU-701

Single Joint Press SCU-701

The SCU 701 column machine is a purely pneumatic working press and can be used for clinching with all BTM clinching systems but also for punching, stamping and pressing in bolts and nuts. The machine generates a max. pressing force of 35 kN at 6 bar compressed air.

The power is generated via a multi-chamber system and is characterised by low air consumption. The working stroke is composed of rapid and power strokes. Each stroke is triggered by its own foot pedal.

Both hands remain free and can be used to position the components during the entire process. Thanks to the safety concept that has been tried and tested over many years, we guarantee safe working on and with the machine.

The feed stroke of 55 mm is carried out with low feed force. The power stroke is preset to 6 mm clear width and is triggered by the second foot pedal. In this position, several strokes can be made in succession before the complete return stroke is initiated again.

The upright machine with a window depth of 400 mm can be supplied with a fixed working height or individually height-adjustable via electric rocker buttons.