Hand-Held Clinch Unit ULG SN8

Hand-Held Clinch Unit ULG SN8

The pneumo-hydraulic BTM clinch and pierce unit ULG SN8 combines high joining force with rapid cycle time.

The integrated air-oil-booster runs silently and completely vibration-free. The drive is perely pneumatic and accelarates at 6 bar air supply 28 kN press force. The ULG SN-8 manual tongs have a stroke of 15 mm max. and are operated via a 2-hand release. Optionally, the joining stroke can also be triggered via foot pedal release. It is the ideal solution for overcoming interfering contours > 6 mm.

ULG-SN8 clinch unit offers an high level of integrity in use. Due to its modular design, a wide range of tooling heads available such as several C-frames, scissor heads respectively special heads can be offered. These can be changed in just a few steps while the drive unit remains identical. 

The well-balanced, light-weight and ergonomical construction of this unit minimizes the stress on the user.

  • Clinch operation: tmax = 3,0 mm steel and aluminum
  • Pierce operation: tmax = 4,5 mm at Ø 6 mm and mild steel
  • Weight of › 5,7 kg inclusiv C-frame
  • max. 32 kN press force
  • low air consumption 0,75 l/cycle
  • very silent (< 75 db(A))
  • vibration-free
  • wide range of tooling heads
  • rapid cycle time (≤ 3s)
  • air supply  7 bar max.