Cavity-Loc® Punch 940 Series

Cavity-Loc® Punch 940 Series

The punches used in the Cavity-Loc® system are similar to the Tog-Loc® punches.

The Cavity-Loc® joint is also the solution par excellence when a flat surface or only a low button height is required.

Materials with low ductility, i.e. materials that are difficult to form, as well as materials with very different thicknesses, can be joined using the Cavity-Loc® clinching tool. This includes spring steels, as well as brittle aluminium and copper alloys.

The pre-punched die-side layer is taken up by a centring punch, filled with the deformable punch-side material and caulked therein.

For further information regarding Tog-L-Loc® punches click here or take a look at the data sheet.