Tog-L-Loc® Punch

The round Tog-L-Loc® clinch joint is the best-known clinching system on the market. The round joints are produced by cold forming the layers. They connect sheet metals and/or profiles of different material types and thicknesses. Initially with two movable blades, then later as the first manufacturer worldwide with a 3-bladed die design, BTM was the pioneer of modern clinching technology

The Tog-L-Loc® round joint from BTM is characterised by its non-cutting joining process. The joining layers are locked together in a circular manner, i.e. over 360°. The round clinch joint is equally leak proof in all planes in all directions and both metal sheet layers – punch and die sides – remain leak proof.

In a second step, Tog-L-Loc® clinch joints can also be pressed flat to create a two flat metal sheet/partner surface.

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