Press Brake Tooling

BTM’s unitized press brake tooling is a cost-effective method to utilize the Tog-L-Loc® sheet metal joining system. Available in a large range of throat depths, these units are shipped ready to install into your press.

Press Brake Tooling do not have an own drive unit and therefore offer a low-cost alternative for using in presses. BTM Press Brake Tooling can be used in mechanical and hydraulic presses. The slim design enables to use multiple Press Brakes close to each other. Easy installation and removal increases productivity in your production processes. The distances between the clinching joints can be changed very easy and flexible.

Located inside the Press Brake is a tool holder for BTM Clinch Tooling. Tool holders are designed with such precision to ensure proper alignment. The existing press applies sufficient press force for clinching and ensures the lower dead center position of the punch in order to achieve the bottom thickness.

BTM Press Brakes are available in both standardized variants and special designs.