Hand-Held Clinch Units with 2-Hand Control

Maximum work safety for the user in every situation - thanks to Hand-Held Clinch Units with 2-hand control from BTM. This means that even interfering edges higher than 6 mm are no longer a problem.

In practice, it happens frequently that clinching tools within a component have to plunge over an interfering edge to the clinching position. If this interfering edge is higher than 6 mm, a device must be provided for safety reasons that ensures maximum work protection for the operator.

Hand-Held Clinch Units with 2-hand control from BTM are ideal for this purpose. The handles are arranged either horizontally or vertically, depending on the task at hand.

The drive of this type of tongs can be air-oil-driven or purely hydraulic according to the customer's requirements. Due to the modular design including hydraulic cylinder, C-frame and pincer jaw, the clinching tool meets customer-specific requirements. Individual adaptation is simple and uncomplicated.

The clinching units are designed to be weight-optimized and are individually balanced for maximum operating comfort.