Hand-Held Clinch Unit HHP-V2

Hand-Held Clinch Unit HHP-V2

The fully pneumatic driven Hand-Held Clinch Unit HHP-V2 is characterized by its very low weight and excellent ergonomics. This makes it very user-friendly and allows it to be used optimally in in many areas of industries

The Hand-Held Clinch Unit HHP-V2 was originally designed for use in air conditioning and ventilation construction, but is now also highly appreciated by many customers from other industries. Due to the very low, well-balanced weight and the ergonomic handle, the HHP-V2 enjoys a high acceptance among employees. The vertical suspension makes handling this type of pliers even easier.

The clinching units HHP-H2 can be used to connect angular air ducts and associated flanges that meet the highest requirements of DIN EN 1507: 2006 with regard to tightness class D.


  • Steel & Aluminum Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • HVAC Industry
  • Fab Shop
  • Roofing
  • Metal Structure Assembly


  • Operates From a Single Shop Air Line
  • Grips Contoured For Operator Comfort
  • Integral Ball Bearing Gyro Ring For Ergonomic Positioning
  • Reversible Tooling
  • Double Acting Jaws For Increase Part Clearance
  • Clinches w/ Both Round & Geometric Clinch Tools