Hand-Held Clinch Unit ULBG-602

Hand-Held Clinch Unit ULBG-602

The ULBG 602 is designed as a mobile and robust hand held clinching unit with very high joining force and low handling weight. This makes the ULBG 602 ideal for mobile use inside and outside the factory.

The ergonomic and compact design with 360° rotatable tool holder allows easy handling even in confined spaces. Handling is made easier by the low weight of only 5.6 kg including battery. The device is available with powerful lithium-ion batteries or optionally with a power supply unit for common voltage systems.

The clinching stroke is triggered by a push button and is limited by mechanical device and electronically regulated. When reaching the front position a retract stroke will be initiated automatically. An integrated quick discharge valve ensures that the rear end position is reached quickly. The pressing process can be interrupted at any time.

With this unit, the return stroke can be individually limited electronically. The complete return stroke is effected via the reset button. A reduced return stroke is particularly useful for long stroke lengths so that, for example, several clinching points can be set after overcoming an interfering contour.

The ULBG 602 can join up to 6mm sheet metal or aluminium in clinching operation. In piercing use the maximum sheet thickness depends on the hole diameter and the material to be joined.


  • usage for clinching and piercing: up to 5mm in steel or 5mm in Aluminium
  • ergonomic design
  • stroke mechanically stopped and speed electronically controlled.
  • only 3,7 kg handling weight include battery
  • 360° turnable tool holders
  • high variaty of tool heads available as C-frame and X-frame
  • fast pressing cycle with automatic back stroke via one-hand control
  • powerful lithium-ion battery for optimal power
  • USB interface for process monitoring
  • also available with power supply unit (230V/110V)

Technical details

  • Weight with battery: 4,1 kg unit only
  • Total weight: 5.6 kg with C-frame (38 mm throat depth)
  • Max. clinch force: 20 – 60 kN electronically adjustable
  • Stroke: 8-18 mm adjustable (Extended Stroke 60 mm max.)
  • Cycle time: depends on length of stroke and of variable adjustable press force
  • Clinch tooling: punch and die reversibly exchangeable
  • Rechargeable battery: 18V/3 Ah
  • Li-Ion Battery capacity: approx. 400 strokes – depends on length of stroke –
  • Charging time: approx. 45 min