Cobot Clinch Unit HHP-R

BTM has developed its HHP-R pneumatic scissors-type clinching pliers for use on collaborating robots, or cobots for short. In addition the unit can be used to mount to a pillar or direct into a machine. For this a multifunctional mount interface is desigend. Its slim design together with the large window opening and the wide opening angle offer many application possibilities.

The COBOT clinching pliers HHP-R is another development in the HHP series. Originally designed for use in air conditioning and ventilation construction, this lightweight clinching pliers with an enormous force of 35kN is an attactive solution for use on robots as well. For the new collaborative robots, BTM has created an interface for easy adaptation of this type of pliers. The clinching pliers can be equipped with the common round point systems Tog-L-Loc®, V-Loc™ and Fixed-Loc™ but also with all BTM GEOmetric clinching point systems.

Features and specifications

  • Operates From a Single Shop Air Line
  • Low weight (only 6.8 kg) with optimized weight design
  • Fully pneumatic - only air connection required (35 kN pressure force)
  • suitable for Tog-L-Loc® round joint-, Lance-N-Loc™ rectangular- and Oval-Loc™ Ovaljoint-Clinchtooling
  • reversible tooling possible
  • Large opening width especially suitable for air conditioning and ventilation construction and any other metal structure assembly
  • Safe repeatable working stroke

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