24. March 2020


Pressing four M8 rivet nuts simultaneously

IMG 1638 scaled 1

The task in this project was to insert and press in two rivet nuts simultaneously in hinge reinforcements for engine hoods. The ergonomically height-adjustable system simultaneously feeds M8 nuts from a 4-lane sorting and conveying unit into correspondingly designed press-in heads and presses them simultaneously into left and right reinforcement plates.

This order for a Southern German automotive supplier involved pressing four rivet nuts into two hinge reinforcements for engine hoods and then attaching further components in the clamped condition.

A customized machine was required. BTM, a specialist in joining technology and special plant engineering, was approached. As a specification for BTM, it was particularly important to the customer that, despite the high pressing forces of max. 16,000 kN per rivet nut and the associated solid construction, a simple and user-friendly insertion operation for different insertion heights could be realized. The plant was equipped with two 30 ton BTM cylinders with 150mm stroke and pneumohydraulic drive.

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In order to comply with the ergonomic requirements, the component pick-up including the joining station was designed to be continuously height-adjustable on an electric scissor lift.

The nuts are fed to the pressing heads via a 4-lane sorting and conveying unit. All nuts are pressed in at the same time and each individual pressing process is monitored online via a force-displacement process monitoring system. The entire cycle takes only 6 seconds.

In the following video you can see the entire process of the system for simultaneous pressing in of the four rivet nuts.