Robot with hydraulic clinch unit & vaccum gripper

Hydraulically driven BTM robot clinch units are the most compact way to dynamically provide high pressing forces on the robot.

Compared to pneumo-hydraulic and servo-electric drives, the BTM hydraulic drives impress with a very compact design. Size and weight "on the arm" are significantly lower, and the system performance (cycle time) is also more optimal than with pneumo-hydraulic concepts (where the full stroke must always be run). With very simple program sequences (timer or sensor switch), for example, different strokes can be realized, which is not easily feasible with pneumohydraulics. 

Example: The clinch unit have e.g. 150mm completely opened to be able to reach over an interfering contour. During the first clinching stroke, the ram must travel the complete distance (150mm). If several clinching points are then to be set on one surface, the hydraulic drive can be retracted by only 10mm in order to subsequently execute the working stroke (10mm) again. This offers a considerable time advantage. 

Our special BTM hydraulic cylinders are designed to be application-optimized and have little in common with conventional hydraulic cylinders (apart from the basic principle). They are developed and produced at BTM to last for many years in your tough production environment.