Power Clamp TPCA 82

The TPCA adjustable arm opening sealed precision power clamps by BTM are ideal for a range of industrial applications. The largest TPCA power clamp comes with an integrated 82mm oval cylinder.

BTM’s TPCA series of adjustable clamps are NAAMS compliant pneumatically operated sealed precision power clamps available in four standard sizes: 42, 52, 62 and 82mm.

Each clamp is constructed using a one-piece body, and each has been designed to be rugged, yet economical, making them ideal for a range of industrial applications.
These clamps utilize patented TRILOK technology – a three point locking mechanism designed to keep a locked clamp locked, even if air pressure is lost.

This allows the TPCA to have the flexibility to be used as a toggle clamp, a precision back up, or as a part trap.



  • Pin Arm Drive for Versatile Arm Positioning and Simplified Arm Change
  • Fully Adjustable Arm Opening to 120°
  • Integrated Proximity Switch
  • Top and Bottom Porting
  • One Piece Body with Integrated Cylinder
  • Sealed Mechanism – Lubricated for Life of Clamp
  • Access to Manually Unlock Clamp Linkage
  • Patented Precision TriLok Mechanism