Oval-Loc® SSI Die

Oval-Loc® SSI Die

The BTM Oval-Loc® Die is available in sizes 3×4, 3×6 and 4×8.

Oval-Loc® was created from the vision of combining all of the advantages of our popular Tog-L-Loc® round clinch joint with the rotation resistance of our Lance-N-Loc® sheet metal joining system. The Oval-Loc® process features the leak-proof and long tool life characteristics of a traditional Tog-L-Loc® joint, but also provides improved strength. It is characterised by its compact, space-saving design and offers an excellent alternative to the usual twin and multi-joint solutions.

As part of the GEO-Clinch® family, the Oval-Loc® is particularly suitable for the automotive industry, where several components are pre-fixed in GEO stations. With just one BTM Oval-Loc®Clinch, two components can be joined tightly, corrosion-proof, at the same time as possessing a high torsional resistance.

A typical Oval-Loc® joint may be created in a as little as one second. The process is very similar to Tog-L-Loc®:

  1. Clamps: The stripper clamps the materials to be joined.
  2. Draws: The punch draws the material into the die.
  3. Locks: As the material flows into the die, the sides of the die expand, allowing the material to flow into an interlock.