Mobile punching Handheld units ULG

Mobile punching Handheld units ULG

Cost-effective and highly mobile: the BTM pneumohydraulic punching tongs ULG! There is a choice of 4 device types. The ULG drives only require 6 bar air pressure and can apply press forces of 15 kN to 30 kN, depending on the size. The stroke is 7 mm, the punching stroke depends on the force and geometry.

The connecting interface for many tools is standardised by BTM and can be used for a wide variety of C-frames and X-frames. Punchings in flat sheet metal, tubes or profiles are easily possible. Each bracket can be connected to the appropriate drive via the interface. The low weight of the ULG air/oil drives enables the operator to carry out punching applications overhead or manually with the hand-held device for long periods of time, even on site without auxiliary equipment.

Further areas of application for BTM ULG Hand pliers are available for embossing, cutting or clinching.


  • 18-29kN press force
  • low air consumption (0,75 l/cycle)
  • very silent (< 75 db(A))
  • vibration-free
  • rapid cycle time (≤ 1s)
  • air supply 7 bar max.