Locking Gripper PG-38

Locking Gripper PG-38

The pneumatic grippers of the PG-38 series are designed for a long service life even in harsh environments. Even if compressed air is lost, the gripper remains locked and the component securely clamped.

BTM’s pneumatic grippers have a roller and a detent on the cam surface to hold the component in case of air pressure loss.

A basic body with 8 gripper arm configurations offers excellent versatility and ensures low spare parts storage. Two movable gripper arms with 65° opening angle each, one fixed and one movable gripper arm with 65° opening angle as well as 65° and 45° opening angles for clamping perpendicular to the gripper axis are possible and allow the designer a variety of solutions.

The connection can be made as a foot flange at the rear or 360° rotatable via the cylindrical base body and offers all degrees of freedom. Inductive proximity switches from various manufacturers are available and can be mounted on both sides of the PG-45. Self-aligning clamping jaws, smooth or toothed for different sheet thicknesses, which can also be reversibly loaded, always lead to optimum clamping conditions without leaving marks.


  • Robot End-Effector
  • Stamping and pressroom
  • Automation
  • Automation positioning
  • Component assembly


  • Adjustable opening using a single pin to adjust opening 30°  or 45°; remove the pin to open 75°
  • Locking cam arm
  • Interchangeable arm style by pulling a single pin (for single or double arm opening)
  • Common gripper body for all gripper variants