Locking Gripper PG-38 Mini

Locking Gripper PG-38 Mini

The PG-38 Mini pneumatic grippers from BTM are characterised by their compact yet powerful design. They can therefore be used in narrow and limited areas.

Technologically they are based on the same design as their big brothers PG-38 and PG-45, only in a smaller, compact housing. The grippers of the PG-38 Mini series are designed for a long service life even in harsh environments. Even if compressed air is lost, the gripper remains locked and the component is securely clamped.

One base body with 8 gripper arm configurations offers excellent versatility and ensures low spare parts inventory. Two movable gripper arms with 65° opening angle each, one fixed and one movable gripper arm with 65° opening angle as well as 65° and 45° opening angle for clamping perpendicular to the gripper axis are possible and allow the designer a wide range of solutions.

The connection can be made as Flange Mount at the rear or 360° rotatable via the cylindrical base body and offers all degrees of freedom. Inductive sensing sets from various manufacturers are available and can be mounted on both sides of the PG-38 Mini. Self-aligning gripper fingers smooth or toothed for different sheet thicknesses, which can also be fitted reversibly, always lead to optimum clamping conditions without leaving marks.


  • Robot End-Effector
  • Stamping and Press Room
  • Automation
  • Automation Positioning
  • Component Assembly


  • Locking Mechanism Remains Locked if Air Pressure is Lost
  • Interchangeable Arm Style by Pulling a Single Pin (single or double opening)
  • Common Gripper Body for all Styles