Lance-N-Loc® Clinching Joint Die Side

Lance-N-Loc® is a sheet metal clinching system which creates a strong mechanical joint without external fasteners or welding. The metals are lanced and squeezed to form an interlock below the bottom layer of the sheet metal. Lance-N-Loc® is good for joining harder materials, multiple layers, and is ideal for use where electrical conductivity is required.

The BTM Lance-N-Loc® rectangular joint can, in addition to connecting two layers, also be used to connect several layers of sheet metal. The layers of material are partly cut locally and then interlocked with each other. The rectangular point is also suitable for use with non-metallic partners such as glass fibre fabrics and plastics, while stainless steel sheets/layers such as austenitic stainless steels can also be securely connected with the Lance-N-Loc®.

Because the metal is sheared, a secure electrical connection is established in coated metal sheets. Especially in white goods, the Lance-N-Loc® is therefore also referred to as the “grounding joint”. In addition, the rectangular joint offers a high degree of anti-rotate protection, even where only one clinch joint can be set due to space restrictions.