Fastener Equipment nuts & bolts

Fastener Equipment nuts & bolts

Pierce rivet nuts and studs designated as functional elements offer many advantages.
In just one working stroke, nuts and studs with sizes from M6 up to M12 can be pressed quickly and cleanly into components made of sheet steel or aluminum. Functional elements can also be pressed into continuous cast profiles or fiber composites such as GFRP or CFRP. The systems can be used for sheet thicknesses from 0.8 to 4.0 mm, depending on the manufacturer.

The surfaces of the components are not affected, as is the case when welding on weld nuts, and the component surface remains flat after the riveting process.

High pull-out forces and moments statically, dynamically or under impact stress characterize the universal application range. In addition, the connections are gas- and water-tight.

BTM supplies you with the right system or device for inserting the desired functional element, whether as a single-point press or multi-point joining system.