Portable Piercing Unit ULBG 602

The portable piercing units of the ULBG 602 series are characterized by their high pressing force of 60 kN combined with a very lightweight handling. The ergonomic handle guide of this drive unit completes its appearance

Due to its modular design, customer-specific requirements for the manual tongs, such as throat depth, different window sizes and stroke lengths, can be realized very easily. Various C-frames are available and can be easily adapted. Multiple piercing can also be carried out! If possible, we also gladly use punching standards already available to you in order to minimize stock-keeping.


The press stroke is varaibal and from 10-40mm available. It is triggered by a button and automatically initiates the return stroke after reaching the front end position. An integrated quick unloading valve ensures that the rear end position is reached quickly. The operation can be interrupted at any time and the slide returned to the top dead center position by means of a reset button.

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