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Tog-L-Loc® - насадочные инструменты

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There are two primary components to the Tog-L-Loc® clinching process: a punch, and a die. These patented tools are specially designed to clinch sheet metal without piercing it- creating a strong, circular; leak-proof joint.

There are currently six standard Tog-L-Loc® tool sizes: 3.0mm [.12"], 3.8mm [.15"], 4.6mm [.18"], 5.5mm [.22"], 6.4mm [.25"], and 7.6mm [.30"]. Tog-L-Loc® tool size is measured from the punch tip diameter.

Choosing the correct tool size for an application depends on factors such as the type and thickness of the materials being joined, the amount of space that is available to make a joint, and the desired amount of strength that a joint should have. This information is typically resolved during sample joining at BTM.



Tog-L-Loc® Punches

Tog-L-Loc® punches feature a slight radius around the tip which allows the punch to control the lateral flow of the sheet metals without piercing or lancing them. The appropriate "Punch Tip Radius (PTR)" for an application is determined through testing at BTM. Standard Tog-L-Loc® punches are available in three basic mounting configurations:

940 Style Mounting (Preferred)

This punch style features a spherical washer designed to precisely locate the punch and provide an easy means of extracting it from a holder.
Ball Lock

This punch uses a ball and a spring as its retention method.
Whistle Notch Flat

This punch uses a set screw as its retention method.

Tog-L-Loc® Punch Holders

BTM manufactures standard punch holders in three basic styles: Round Holders (for die set mounting), Shank Holders, and Thin Holders.*


* Not all holder styles available for all Tog-L-Loc® punches.

Tog-L-Loc® Dies

Tog-L-Loc® dies are available in three basic styles to accomodate various joining situations.

940 Series (Preferred)

Dies in this series feature three moving blades surrounded by a built in die shield.
Three Blade Elastomer Series

Dies in this series feature three moving blades surrounded by an elastomer. These dies are ideal in tight joining locations where the die guarding can be modified to incorporate contour features in a part.
Two Blade Dies

Dies in this series are ideal for very tight joining locations up against a flange where the blades can operate parallel.

Most dies are available in an Insert, and "Style-A" (shank) configuration. Please reference the Tog-L-Loc ®tooling catalog at the bottom of this page for more information.

Die Holders

Standard Tog-L-Loc® die holders are available for a number of Tog-L-Loc® dies. Please reference the catalog below for more information.


More information about 940 Tog-L-Loc® tooling is available in the following catalog:

940 Series Punches, Dies, and Holders


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