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BTMs’ Pin Locator Clamps and Single Finger clamps are used in stationary part nests, welding fixtures, transfer systems, robot end effectors and numerous other clamping applications. These clamps locate and hold the work while other operations are performed.

BTMs’ PLC Clamps are offered with a wide range of round and diamond pins. These locating pins range from 42mm to 18mm in diameter. BTMs’ SFC Clamp fingers also come in special shapes and sizes for your application. The PLC and SFC series of clamps offers a constant force of 300lbs through the entire stroke. They can clamp on the thinnest material to material exceeding 25mm thick by utilizing a “donut” rest block. This series of clamps may also be altered for use as a trap for applications involving painted or show surfaces.

BTM PLC & SFC clamps are available in a variety of configurations. The cylinder bodies are all standard. The locating pin, clamp finger, and locating rest block “donut” can be custom made to fit the customer’s specific applications.

BTM's Locking Pin & Locking Single Finger Clamps are ideal for locating & holding production material and are used in a variety of manufacturing areas including automotive & refrigeration. These clamps can be used in conjunction with robot end arm effectors to produce state of the art automation production capabilities.

  • Hardened “Donut” Detail May Be Altered Per Application / Material Thickness.
  • 360° Mounting (2 Locations)
  • 90° Positive Locating Detents
  • Finger Relief For Hole Flange Clearance (PLC63 & LPLC38 models only.
    PLC-45 will clamp on top of flange)
  • World Switch Packages for Turck, Namco & Pepperl+Fuchs
  • True 4-way Locating Capability
  • Precision Hardened and Ground Pin
  • Range: 18mm-42mm dia. Specials Welcome

How it works

How BTM Pin Clamps work:

plc_step1   plc_step2   plc_step3   plc_step4
Part Loaded over Pin   Finger Extends out of Pin   Finger Clamps Part

How BTM Single Finger Clamps work:

Part is loaded over the retracted finger and rests on the rest block ("donut").   Finger swings in the direction of clamping surface with 5mm of rotational travel.   The finger then has up to 10mm of straight line travel to the clamped position.


pinclamp_part   Example of a BTM Clamp clamping a part.
robot_lplc   Locking Pin Locator Clamps (LPLC) on a robot end arm effector.
chrome_plc   PLC Clamps with Optional Coated Pins
sfc-63   An example of a Single Finger Clamp (SFC).
plc_custom_parts   Pins, fingers, and rest blocks can be custom made.


pcl1   pcl2

PLC Specifications

  plc45 plc63 lplc38
  PLC-45 PLC-63 LPLC-38
Hole Ø/Slot Width Range 12.5-18mm 18mm-40mm 18mm-40mm
Clamping Force @ 5.5 BAR [80 PSI] 578N [130lbf]
1334N [300lbf]
1112N [250lbf]
Finger Travel 15mm [.59"] total.
(consists of 5mm rotational,
10mm straight line pull down stroke).
Same as PLC-45/63
+ 3mm locking range
from clamping surface.
Bore Diameter 45mm [1.77"]
63mm [2.50"]
38mm [1.50"]
Cylinder Stroke
15mm [.59"]
15mm [.59"]. 38.5mm [1.52"]

SLC Specifications

  sfc-63 lsfc-38
  SFC-63 LSFC-38
Hole Ø/Slot Width Range 18-40mm 18-40mm
Clamping Force @ 5.5 BAR [80 PSI] 1334N [300lbf] 1112N [250lbf]
Finger Travel 15mm [.59"] total.
(consists of 5mm rotational,
10mm straight line pull down stroke).
Same as SFC-63
+ 3mm locking range
from clamping surface.
Bore Diameter 63mm [2.50"] 38mm [1.50"]
Cylinder Stroke 15mm [.59"] 38.5mm [1.52"]


Need a smaller Pin Clamp/Pin diameter? Click here to see BTM's PLC-25 Series.

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