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BTM's sealed heavy duty grippers are sealed against weld contamination, and feature a patented three point locking technology called Tri-Lok which will not unlock if air pressure is lost.

  • Sealed mechanism ~ Lubricated for life of gripper.
  • Gripper mechanism is impervious to weld contamination.
  • TRI-LOK mechanism ~ remains locked if air pressure is lost.
  • Body style provides NAAMS mounting patterns.
  • Integral 52mm (2") oval bore cylinder with heavy wall.
  • Hardcoated aircraft aluminum body for excellent wear characteristics.
  • Light weight ~ Approximately 4.9 kg (11 lbs).
  • Pin arm drive for versatile arm positioning & simplified arm change.
  • Integrated proximity switch package.
  • Adjustable cushions standard on both advance and retract ends.
  • Manual unlock provision for setup.





Bore Ø 52mm [2.00"]
Approximate Weight 4.9 kg [11 lbs]
Force on center of gripping pads @ 5.5 BAR [80 PSI] 1067 N [239 lbs]

100 Серия OMNI захваты


BTM's line of OMNI grippers are designed for high production; and most feature a manually positionable 360° rotating head which is locked into place when the mounting screws are tightened.

  • Compact & Light Weight.
  • Designed for High Production.
  • Several Styles Available.


omni_rotate omni_clamp_sample
Manually Positionable Head locks in place when mounting screws are tightened.


  20deg_thumb 40deg_thumb 180deg_thumb opg_thumb
  20° Single Opening Gripper 40° Double Opening Gripper 180° Double Opening Gripper Parallel Gripper
Bore Ø 25mm [1.00"] 25mm [1.00"] 25mm [1.00"] 25mm [1.00"]
.34 kg [.75 lbs] .34 kg [.75 lbs] .34 kg [.75 lbs] .61 kg [1.4 lbs]
Stroke 6.60mm [.26"] 6.60mm [.26"] 24.13mm [.95"] 21.9mm [.86"]
Arm Opening 20° 40° 180° 17.5mm [.69"]
OMNI Head? yes yes yes yes

Серия PG 1500 & 2500


BTM's Heavy Duty grippers are available in a variety of configurations to accomodate a range of gripping applications. Gripper pads are available in both steel and urethane.


  • Positive Locking Toggle Action with Air Pressure.
  • Hardcoated aircraft aluminum body.
  • Optional pre-fitted proximity switches.
  • Light weight.
  • Rugged construction.







  • pg1500_big
  • pg1500_closed
  • pg1500_closed2
  • pg1500_open
  • pg1500_open2

Mini Locking Grippers


BTM's PG-38 Mini Locking Grippers are small, powerful grippers used in tight or limited areas. The Mini Locking Grippers are designed to provide long service in a production environment. The Grippers are available in numerous configurations and allow many configuration changes to be performed in the field.

The Mini Locking Gripper uses a cam and roller mechanism to provide high gripping force. The roller engages a detent on the cam surface to hold the part if air pressure is lost.


  • mlg
  • mlg_closed
  • mlg_lock
  • mlg_open

Gripper Arms

mlg_armstyles_a Upper Opening Flange Arm
mlg_armstyles_b Upper Opening Arm
mlg_armstyles_c Mini Locking Gripper Body
mlg_armstyles_d Lower Fixed Arm
mlg_armstyles_e Lower Opening Arm
mlg_armstyles_f Lower Fixed Flange Arm
mlg_armstyles_g Lower Opening Flange Arm
mlg_armstyles_pads Gripper Pads


Bore Ø 38.1mm [1.5"]
Stroke 20.5mm [.81"]
Operating Pressure
5-5.5 BAR [60-80 PSI]
Weight .7 kg [1.5 lbs]
Gripping Force @ 4 BAR .7 kN [153 lbs]
Gripping Force @ 5 BAR .9 kN [205 lbs]

Серия PG 38 & 45


BTM's PG-38 & PG-45 Locking Grippers are ideal for robotic part handling applications. The Grippers are lightweight for high transfer speeds when used in stamping press applications. Proximity Switches (Status Controllers) are optional. The PG-38 & PG-45 Locking Grippers are designed to provide long service in a production environment. The Grippers are available in numerous configurations and allow many configuration changes to be performed in the field.

  • Locking mechanism remains locked if air pressure is lost.
  • Locking Toggle Action .
  • Arm openings are adjustable by rotating a single pin.
  • 30-45 or 75 degree opening per arm.
  • Various arm styles, single or double opening, can be quickly interchanged by pulling a single pin.
  • The Gripper Body is common to all styles.


3845_big 3845_open 3845_closed


Tube Mount & Round Body Allow 360 Degree Rotation, Swiveling & Linear Adjustment.


PGgrippad PGgrip
Detent Lock on Cam Surface. Adjustable Single or Double Opening.



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