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Tri-Lok Mechanism

triloksm Mechanism r

BTM's patented Tri-Lok® mechanism is a three point lock which remains engaged even if air pressure is lost. In addition to locking, the mechanism also provides accurate arm position and repeatability. Clamps equipped with Tri-Lok® are ideal for use in clamping, or as a backup.

The exclusive Tri-Lok mechanism removes all working tolerances from all moving parts to provide a very repeatable (+/- 15') and rigid closed arm position. This unique arrangement is highly resistant to torque coming from force applied to the clamp arm.

  • Three Point Lock: Remains Locked if Air Pressure is Lost
  • Arm Repeats Position Accurately
  • When used as a Toggle Clamp, the arm is shimmed & locking occurs in the linkage
trilok_1 trilok_2 trilok_3 trilok_4
Clamp Open Toggle Clamp Precision Backup
Toggle Clamp
Part Trap


Use as a Clamp, or as a Backup.

BTM's patented Tri-Lok® Mechanism can be used as a Clamp or a precision backup and eliminates "over-center" Clamps
trilok_ap trilok_ef
Backup Clamp


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