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Пресс SCU 442




scu442_graf1   scu442_graf2

* последующие варианты и размеры по запросу. 3D модель по запросу.

Технические характеристики:



Рабочее давление воздуха: 6 бар сжатый воздух
Рабочее усилие при сжатии: 35 кН*
Рабочий ход с помощью ножной педали: 8 мм
Предварительный ход с помощью ножной педали: 55 мм
Общий рабочий ход: 63 мм*
Захват: 400 мм*
Масса: прибл. 480 кг
Инструмент: до 4,6 мм диаметром Tog-L-Loc®  круглые точки соединения и 4,6 мм Lance-N-Loc® прямоугольные точки соединения
Максимальная общая толщина листа: макс. 5 мм
Пуансон: застрахован от вращения
Предварительный ход: с помощью ножной педали
Рабочий ход: с помощью ножной педали


Пресс SCU 331




scu331_graf1   scu331_graf2

Технические характеристики:



Рабочее давление воздуха: 6 бар сжатый воздух
Рабочее усилие при сжатии: 31 кН
Рабочий ход: 8 мм
Рабочий ход вручную: 54 мм
Общий рабочий ход: 62 мм
Захват: 300 мм*
Масса: прибл. 150 кг
Инструмент: до Ø 4,6 мм Tog-L-Loc®
(круглые точки соединения) и
4,6 мм Lance-N-Loc®
(прямоугольные точки соединения)
Максимальная общая толщина листа: макс. 4 мм
Пуансон : застрахован от вращения
Дополнительный ход: с помощью ручного рычага
Рабочий ход: с помощью ножной педали

*последующие варианты и размеры по запросу.

Универсальный пресс пневматический 5 тонн


One of BTM's most popular ways to make a Tog-L-Loc® joint is with BTM's standard universal sheet metal joining machines. These freestanding presses are available in pneumatic and hydraulic versions. Both feature a single point tool for short production and prototyping that accomodates a large work envelope.

Click Here to learn about Tog-L-Loc®.

Pneumatic 5 Ton Universal Press  

Универсальный пресс 10 тонн


BTM Corporation’s Model H10U Universal Hydraulic Press provides the best solution for both production and prototyping applications. This unit is designed for short and long production runs when utilizing BTM’s patented Tog-L-Loc sheet metal joining system. One advantage to the H10U is that it allows the operator to use both hands to hold the part(s) during the joining sequence while cycling the press with a foot pedal. The dual foot pedal allows the operator complete control over the machine when advancing the ram, making the joint, and returning the ram completely home. It also provides a “peck” stroke for higher volume applications.

The H10U comes in two basic configurations, Fixed-Frame or Inclinable. The Fixed-Frame unit comes on a fabricated base with 500mm throat depth, 150mm of stroke and a 2-position anvil. The 2-position anvil, used in conjunction with tool extensions, allows for easier manipulation of prototype or production parts in order to reach locations needing to be joined with Tog-L-Loc. The Inclinable Press comes with an adjustable machined base which allows the unit to be tilted and locked in any position between 0-90 degrees. This feature allows for the joining of oversized parts. The Inclinable Press comes with a 457.2mm throat depth and 150mm of stroke.

BTM’s Model H10U Universal Hydraulic Press operates on 230V or 480V and features a programmable logic controller and adjustable pressure setting. It also features an internal ram guarding system that eliminates cumbersome ring guards and other exposed mechanisms. Options such a laser joint locator and a 68-piece tool kit are also available. For more information on BTM’s H10U Universal Hydraulic Press, or the advantages of joining sheet metal with BTM’s Tog-L-Loc sheet metal joining system, call BTM at (810) 364-4567.

Click Here to learn about Tog-L-Loc®.
Hydraulic 10 Ton Universal Press

Спецоборудование & системы

Our customers can be confident knowing that BTM can advise and support them in the application of our products from our extensive experience designing and building both standard components and complete systems for the fabrication and assembly of sheet metal and plastic products.

BTM experience is centered on the integration of Tog-L-Loc, Lance-N-Loc, and Piercing. This past experience in addition to our core expertise has integrated, riveting, parts feeding, material handling and numerous other processes in various combinations and states of complexity.

Whether you are interested in applying our standard tooling, individual units a specialized sub system or automated system you can depend on our extensive tool design and build experience for both design advice and field service.

Contact the BTM Application Engineering department for more information.

BTM has built custom machines and systems for the following companies, and many more:

gm bmw jaguar
ge ford dcx
whirlpool overheaddoor steelcase





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