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BTM’s Lance-N-Loc® Joining System


BTM’s Lance-N-Loc® Joining System produces clean, strong and consistent joints in most coated or uncoated metals. The joints are characterized by a “button” formed on the die side layer of metal and a recess formed in the punch side layer. The button is a good indicator of joint quality and therefore, simplifies quality control. Two or more layers of metal typically ranging in thickness from .008" (0.2mm) to .157" (4.0mm) per sheet can be reliably joined in most cases.

Lance-N-Loc® is used in the automotive, appliance, heating & cooling, office furniture, garage door, computer and various other industries.

Lance-N-Loc® is commonly used where metals are insufficiently ductile to join using Tog-L-Loc® or in certain dissimilar combinations or multiple layers.

llpunchdie Ll3view ll_cross_section
Lance-N-Loc® Punch & die 1. Die Side
2. Cross Section
3. Punch Side
Lance-N-Loc® Cross Section

How it works

lLL123 ll_cross_section


Lance-N-Loc® is a joint formed by lancing the metals on 2 sides, drawing them through the thickness and expanding the width to form a lock on 2 sides.

Lance-N-Loc® punches are available in various lengths and styles. The square Lance-N-Loc® punch tip has cutting edges on two sides and angular ramps on the other two. Lance-N-Loc® dies are also available in various styles, however, all are two bladed. The blades have cutting edges to the inside, with a fixed anvil recessed from the blade surface. Blade shields are supplied with several die styles. These shields protect the die blades from the force of the stripper and help to retain the blade assembly to the die. In some cases, dies are mounted in pockets within a block which functions as the shield.


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