Air/oil press for inserting nuts

Air/oil pneumohydraulic press with 80/150 or 300kN press force will be used for inserting clinching nuts in automotive components.

Nuts and bolts are functional elements and become very popular and more imortant all over in the automotive industry.
Using more lightweight materials like aluminium as well the usage of multimix materials prefer to use mechanical clinch nuts and clinch bolts and replace former welded elements. Single joint BTM presses in robot cells help to produce diferent componets with high volume output.

Mechanical fasteners build a strong connection and high torque in aluminium and steel sheet components and can be inserted fast, without toxic fumes, no sparks or use of high electrical energy. The zinc or paint coating for corrosion protection will stay alive.

BTM provide single joint or multi tool fastening machines, designed and build to customers needs.

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