• Thursday, 20.05.2021

    Portable Clinching Units

    Portable Clinching Units Portable clinching units are light and versatile usable. They are driven by air, electricity via cable or battery or using hydraulic power. Working with one trigger or two triggers allow flexible usage. Learn More
  • Friday, 20.03.2020

    Clinching Equipment

    Clinching Equipment Automobiles Clinching equipment: At BTM you will find everything you need for clinching, from clinching tools to manually operated hand pliers, bench and stand join presses, robot pliers and customized machines. Learn More
  • Tuesday, 10.03.2020

    Clinching Systems

    Clinching Systems Clinch Tooling BTM has been supplying clinching tools since 1966 and offers a wide range of products covering all point geometries - round, square, with and without local cutting parts. We will be happy to advise you and show you the best solution for your product. Learn More
  • Tuesday, 10.03.2020

    Piercing Equipment

    Piercing Equipment Piercing Equipment Piercing and Forming Equipment: BTM has tooling, manual equipment, modular and automated systems for piercing, forming, swaging, shearing, notching, ... Learn More
  • Tuesday, 10.03.2020

    Fastener Equipment

    Fastener Equipment Automobiles Fasteners are nuts and bolts which are pressed into the product by means of studs or rivets and take over the function there for other components to be screwed on, for example. They are characterized by high strength and high transmittable torques. BTM offers you various systems for processing these functiona… Learn More
  • Tuesday, 10.03.2020

    Power Clamps and Grippers

    Power Clamps and Grippers Work Holding BTM has been supplying an extensive range of pneumatic clamping and gripping technology for work holding since 1966. Information and specifications on BTM products can be found here. Learn More
  • Tuesday, 10.03.2020

    Presses & Machinery

    Presses & Machinery Clinch Tooling BTM offers an extensive range of mechanical, pneumohydraulic and hydraulic presses for use in mechanical joining technology. Whether for elementless clinching, pressing in rivets or punching nuts such as threaded bolts, you will find a solution to your problem at BTM. Learn More