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UniClinch Unit


The UniClinch unit is a self-contained air hydraulic clinch joining tool. The design allows the user to work using rapid strokes and considerable force. Tog-L-Loc® can be used for sheet metal up to 2 x 1.5mm thick. The tool is both light-weight and well-balanced to minimize the strain on the user. The tool has few moving parts and has a high level of operational reliability.
  • Clinches a maximum total thickness of 3mm mild steel.
  • Requires only a single air line at 6.0 bars (87psi).
  • Requires no remote power source.
  • Relatively light weight.
  • Special “C Frames” available.

Standard Anvils

Three standard anvil options are available for purchase with a UniClinch unit.
uniclinch_anvila   uniclinch_anvilb   uniclinch_anvilbl

Typical Part Configurations Compatible With UniClinch Units

11sj  23sj  14sj  19sj  20sj






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