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Rechargeable battery clinch and pierce unit ULBG 101


ULBG101_big_2The new BTM clinch and pierce unit ULBG101 is characterisized by its compact and ergonomic construction principle. In addition to efficient Ni-MH  rechargeable batteries the unit is also optionally available with a power supply  for all common voltage systems.
Its  low handling weight, the slim construction and the fast piston speed enable to operate in narrow areas.
The stroke is activated by one push button, when reaching the front position retract stroke will be initiated automatically. The procedure can be interrupted at any time.





Weight of clinch unit: 3,6 kg*
Length*: 420 mm
Width: 68 mm
Height*: 140 mm
Max. clinch force: 22 kN
Power stroke: 10 mm
Clinch toooling: up to Ø 3.8 mm Tog-L-Loc®
battery: 9,6V/3Ah Ni-MH
Battery capacity: approx. 250-280 strokes
Charging time: approx. 60 min.

 *  C- Frame AL with 38 mm throat depth
** depends on style of tooling head


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