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Air/Oil Intensifying Cylinders



Cross Section of a BTM
Air/Oil Intensifying Cylinder.

BTM Air/Oil Cylinders generate high forces with shop air pressure to perform various press operations. They can be used with many types of tooling, including Tog-L-Loc®, Piercing, Riveting, crimping, stud insertion and bending. These versatile cylinders can be mounted in floor or bench press frames, equalizing units, hand operated units, special fixtures and work stations.

Available in 3, 5, 12, 18, 26, & 34 ton models!

Click here to download a .pdf file of the Air/Oil Intensifying Cylinder catalog.





BTM Air/Oil Intensifying Cylinders.





Tog-L-Loc® (Clinching)


How it work


Low Pressure Air Operated Advance Stroke (Port "A"):

Air is introduced into the system's air/oil tank, and low pressure oil advances the ram until it contacts the work.



Intensified Stroke (Port "B"):

The intensify piston advances (triggered by a timer, pressure switch, limit switch, etc.) and the intensify rod seals off the high pressure chamber. The force on the ram increases due to the pressure being multiplied by the ratio between the areas of the intensify piston, intensify rod, and ram. This intensified stroke may be produced anywhere on the overall stroke of the ram. The intensified stroke length will bottom out at the end of the available power stroke or wherever it is exceeded


Low Pressure Air Operated Return Stroke (Port "C"):

Air is introduced into the unit at the return port, and both the ram and intensifier piston return.


  • Uses common shop air - tonnages are rated at 80 PSI air .
  • No hydraulic power unit is required.
  • No high pressure hydraulic lines required.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Lower Cost - Uses standard pneumatic valves and shop air. No costly hydraulic pumps, valves, manifolds, or gauges are required.
  • Lubed for life .
  • One stop shopping. BTM can provide all components, accessories, and tooling for your Air/Oil application.
Contact BTM's Sales Department for an Air/Oil Cylinder Specifically designed for your application.


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