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PG-38 & 45 Locking Grippers


BTM's PG-38 & PG-45 Locking Grippers are ideal for robotic part handling applications. The Grippers are lightweight for high transfer speeds when used in stamping press applications. Proximity Switches (Status Controllers) are optional. The PG-38 & PG-45 Locking Grippers are designed to provide long service in a production environment. The Grippers are available in numerous configurations and allow many configuration changes to be performed in the field.

  • Locking mechanism remains locked if air pressure is lost.
  • Locking Toggle Action .
  • Arm openings are adjustable by rotating a single pin.
  • 30-45 or 75 degree opening per arm.
  • Various arm styles, single or double opening, can be quickly interchanged by pulling a single pin.
  • The Gripper Body is common to all styles.


3845_big 3845_open 3845_closed


Tube Mount & Round Body Allow 360 Degree Rotation, Swiveling & Linear Adjustment.


PGgrippad PGgrip
Detent Lock on Cam Surface. Adjustable Single or Double Opening.


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