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Retractible Power Clamps


BTM's Retractible Power Clamp (RPC) simplifies part transfer, or clamps in through hole applications. The clamp head retracts into the body for clearance when open. The RPC features rotateable mounting for easy installation.

  • Adjustable Mounts
  • Interchangeable Clamp Pads
  • Retractible Clamp Head
  • 1.5" [38mm] Bore
  • 8.5 lbs. [3.9kg]


    Retractible Clamp



    Interchangeable Clamp Pads

    rpc_pad1 rpc_pad2
    Steel Plain Steel Teeth
    rpc_pad3 rpc_pad4
    Steel Cone Point Urethane: Soft /Hard


    1500 Series BTM Retractible Power Clamp Specifications

    Bore Ø 38mm [1.50"]
    Approx. Weight 3.9 kg [8.5 lbs]
    Clamping Force @ 5.5 BAR [80 PSI] 934N [210 lbf]


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